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March 19, 2017


Weird uncle Al

My friend Jim, who is a student of the blues (and currently learning jazz) asked "what's the biggest lie in blues lyrics?
Woke up this morning."


Thanks to you and Jim, every time I hear that line I now think it's a lie. In fact, I sing it to myself when I get up (in the morning) and STILL think it's a lie.


I've just finished reading Carlos Santana's 2014 autobiography. Lots of references to classic blues performers who influenced Santana's guitar playing. I highly recommend it Here's an excerpt that I found both informative and amusing:

There's a story that Stevie Ray Vaughn told me. He had been playing in Texas for years before he got big in 1983, playing with David Bowie on "Let's Dance" and sounding that nasty, stinging tone like Albert King. Then he was playing blues and rock festivals -- the big leagues. The first time he ran into Albert after that, Stevie was so happy to see him. Albert was backstage, sitting down and working on his pipe. He didn't get up, didn't shake Stevie's hand. He just looked at Stevie. "You owe me fifty thousand dollars."

That was the price for copping his style. You know what Stevie told me? He paid it.

-- from "The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story to Light" by Carlos Santana

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