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September 02, 2012



Yay! Was looking forward to your report.

I have heard Phish fans described as a little too young/punkish/condescending (particularly by Widespead Panic fans, so I don't know if that's a sublimated faux-hippie rivalry or what).

Interesting that so many instantly thought you were out of place; I'd always felt like "this crowd has just about *any*one," but then I still didn't travel to too many shows and I'd heard that it had become, before Phish broke up, more of a Thing Certain College Students Do To Pass The Years.

I think that's part of why I was on the fence about even going this time around. I haven't paid attention since they regrouped, partly fearing what I might find. Sounds like you got the musical experience I was hoping, though. (And yes, many of their quasi-spontaneous riffs are indeed rehearsed, though I don't know to what degree.)

Anyway, so glad you got to go! Glad you heard some songs you recognized. And those are two of my favorite covers that they do, so I suspect you lucked out there. (Other covers leave me wishing they'd just play more Phish songs.)


That's good to know. And the crowd really added to the experience, even if they treated me like an outsider. What's the deal with people walking around with one (or both) arm raised, with index finger pointing upward? Is it a signal that "I need one" ... ticket? drug of choice?


I don't know...I don't even remember, tickets needed I guess?

To this day P-Lisa says I "Phish" dance, which to her is overly knee-hinged, arms in tight to the chest, in my own little happy world.

Uncle Al

FYI: Dylan wrote the song in homage to Anthony Quinn who played an Eskimo (!) in the 1960 movie Savage Innocents opposite a very young Peter O'toole.

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